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Dr C.

Certified Health & Life Coach

Dr. C (Dr. Carla Porter-Pursnani) knows that successful people use coaches to get to, and stay at, a high functioning level. Just as in sports and business a fulfilled, enjoyable life is enhanced and elevated with a coach on board. Dr. C is passionate about personal growth and development and coaches people to help them reclaim or find their inner genius. Her vision is to help empower others to live an inspired, impassioned life.

As a mom and a trauma survivor she understands how important mental health is. Rather than feeling helpless about the terrible tragedies that are occurring in our world today she’s determined to be part of the solution by bringing The Clarity Catalyst program to people, particularly kids and teens, so that they have a broader range of tools to deal with life and its ups and downs. Dr. C firmly believes that self-care and improving mental health are the most important factors in a long-term stable, thriving environment.

Dr. C is a Certified Health and Life Coach, certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and certified Clarity Catalyst Trainer. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine . She publishes a blog and podcast, sees clients individually through private coaching sessions, and offers group coaching.

In her spare time she loves nature walks, spending time with her family, playing with her dog and traveling.

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